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21 Oct 2011

The environmental situation

The environmental situation is very serious.

Below, there's a list of several environmental threats that affect our world.

- global warming
- water pollution
- air pollution
- acid rain
- ozone layer depletion
- deforestation
- depletion of natural resources
- overpopulation
- water shortage
- ice melting
- biodiversity loss
- rubbish heaps/ landfills
- natural disasters

Some of these threats have natural causes, but most of them are caused by man. Even natural disasters are getting worse because of humans' influence

- Can we do anything to change this situation?

There are many interesting sites that deal with environmental issues.

Have a look at Think Quest and learn more about the environmental situation.

18 Oct 2011

Halloween Quiz.Try it!

Halloween- Time to scare is almost there

Halloween (or Hallowe'en) is celebrated in many different countries and takes place on October 31. It is commonly associated to trick-or-treating, costume parties, jack-o'lanterns, bonfires, apple bobbing, haunted houses, haunted attractions, pranks, scary movies, and horror films.