With this blog we intend to motivate our students to learn the language and, at the same time, enhance their English skills.

27 Dec 2011

2011 in review

2011 is about to end.

Let's remember some important events which have taken place in this year.

Let's hope 2012 will be much better.

4 Dec 2011

Tips for learning vocabulary and grammar

Are you having problems with the English language?
Are you having difficulties in understanding/ writing a text?
Do you feel you don't know enough vocabulary/ grammar ?

If you have answered "yes" to these questions, then this list of tips will help you a lot.
Tips for learning vocabulary and grammar.

English grammar is simple. Get some pactice by reading and listening to it. It's not difficult, English is all around you.

2 Dec 2011

Speaking Time

Students are expected to debate about several topics. However, if they want to do that effectivelly, they will need to know a certain amount of expressions/phrases.

To help you communicate effectively, we will show you a list of useful exponents/ phrases.

For students in the 10th and 11th forms:

Phrases for conversation for younger students.

Looking for alternative lifestyles

An alternative lifestyle is a lifestyle generally perceived to be outside the cultural norm (wikipedia).

-Which sort of words do you associate to the word "alternatives"?

             - Why do people opt for alternative lifestyles?

- Choose from this list the three most important factors.

a)      Unemployment;
b)      Homelessness;
c)       The desire to escape from the polluted environment;
d)      Religious beliefs;
e)      Political beliefs;
f)       Disenchantment with the materialism of modern life;
g)      The desire to change established values;
h)      The desire to change the world;
i)   The desire to have a healthier life.

Some examples of alternative groups:
Goths, New Age Travellers,  punks, vegetarians, hippies, punks, grunges, emos, vegans, etc....

- Now watch The Meatrix (a video against factory farms) and do the following exercises.

A.    Complete these sentences.
 - A Family farm is a …………………………
 - Factory farms ……………………………

B.    Identify the reason for creating factory farms.
C.     Identify the problems caused by factory farms.
D.    Refer to the solutions presented.

 Do you know other similar situations?   Have you heard about factory farms in the news?

Virtual friendships! A good or a bad thing?

Teens spend many hours online communicating with their virtual friends. But are these real friendships? Are teens really communicating?

Many times they sit together, but they are not really communicating with each other.  They are often sending messages to friends who are somewhere else. Have you seen this picture ? A lot?

Have a look at this article, Digital World: Alone Together and reflect a little about this issue.