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11 Dec 2012

A letter to Santa Claus

Dear Santa Claus,

     I know that this year, due to the crisis, you must be overloaded with requests.
     I wish that this Christmas there was no hunger and throughout the world there was peace. I wish that all children had a house, a family, a lap and lots of love.
     Christmas should be experienced during all year. We should be loving, sharing, giving and smiling every day!
     I want to ask you to put in all chimneys happiness and good health. Bring us the recipe for how to end poverty and hunger because as you know there are many children in the world  who die for lack of food.
     Install peace in the world, no more wars, that's enough of destruction and deaths. Make the sun shine for everyone without exception!

     Merry Christmas to you too!  A kiss  
                                                                     Eva   (7th grade student)