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17 Jan 2013

No more Bullying!

Bullying causes fear, loneliness, dispair and depression. The victims of bullying suffer a lot without protesting.
Is there a solution to this problem?
What would you say to someone who is being bullied?
Give her/ him some advice (use the modal verbs: can, should, must, mustn't)
Some opinions of our 7th grade students
In my opinion you should ask for help. You should face your bullies and not be afraid of them. You mustn't be depressed. Be strong.  
In my opinion you should ignore the comments. You can talk to your teacher so that she/ he can help you.You must face your bullies and not be afraid of them. 

14 Jan 2013

Hello! How's everybody doing?
Ready for work? What about a contest?

THE SPELLING BEE is coming soon...

The competition is taking place on the 14th March 2013

Go on practising and…do your best!