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14 Feb 2012

Love is in the air!

Today we have asked our students to define love.  
Here you can find some of their suggestions:

"Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world.
Love should exist in the life of everbody.
Without love there's no life.
In love there are no limits, everything counts". 
Vera and Carolina

"There isn't a unique definition for love.
Love is something we can't see, however it can be immensely felt."
João, Pedro and Patrícia

"Love isn't anything that we can experience in a lab
by finding out the mysterious formula."
 Íris and Catarina

" Love is an expression of strong affection.
As time goes by, we keep all the memories of the times we had together,
and whatever may happen we will still be FRIENDS FOR EVER.
We all need friends to support us, they are really special!"
Sofia, Ana, Luís and Rui.

"Love is a state of mind.
It makes you feel the luckiest one on Earth.
But when it is not reciprocal, you feel as if you were in hell.
But you know what? It's worth loving ..."
Marcelo, Adriano, Diogo and Rui

"Love is something ...
 for someone special.
When you are in love,
your heart beats faster,
and your days are better
and your life is meaningful."
Pedro and Sara

"Do you remember that place between sleeping and being awake?
That place where you can still remember dreaming?
That is where I'll be waiting,
That is where I'll always love you".
Joana, Paulo, Ricardo and José

"How can we describe such a personal thing?
Love's definition varies from person to person:
An indescribable deep feeling of happiness and concern about someone else" ...
as Camões wrote: "Love is a fire that burns without being seen".
Filipe and Ana Sofia
" Bros befores hoes" ( Bro code) 
Mário, Pedro, Francisco

Choose your favourite definition or add one of your own (comment section).

7 Feb 2012