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21 Nov 2013



" VOLUNTEERISM proves that - 
In every straining, there ia a training; 
in every training, there is a learning; 
and in every learning, there is an earning"      

This a quotation that makes us reflect on the benefits of volunteer work.

Try to answer the following questions:
1. Do you know many ppeople who do volunteer work? In which areas?
2. What is the main aim of volunteer work?
3. Which benefits does this kind of work can bring to your life?
4. Would you like to volunteer? Why? / Why not?

If you do want to watch some videos related to this subject follow the links:

11 Nov 2013

                  CHRISTMAS POSTCARDS

Create your own Christmas postcard!

Hi, students of the 5th, 6th, 7th,8th, 9th forms!
Are you working hard for English?
Here is a challenge for you:  create a CHRISTMAS POSTCARD!

  • Give the draft (rascunho) to your English teacher for correction and after she/ he has corrected it you can do the final version. BE CREATIVE!

3 Oct 2013

3 Jun 2013

How much do you know about Rihanna's present?

Did you know that Rihanna's album, Unapologetic, is now platinum in the US! This is Rih's 6th platinum album in the US!

 Watch the vídeo: Rihanna's Life story

24 May 2013

Some opinions on TV

Our younger students wrote about TV.

Opinions on TV
Watching TV is essential in our days so that we can be updated and learn new things. By watching TV we can know the news and what happens around the world and around us.  We can also watch TV for entertainment and fun.                                                          Sara João                   

Television is a powerful teaching tool, but it also has many disadvantages. Young people have become desensitized to violence in real life because they have become used to watch it in movies or in the news.                                                                                                              Eva

TV is a new technology which allows us to relax for moments. It is very useful to know many things about the world.  However, many people think that TV is horrible and doesn’t teach anything.                                                                                                                                 Mariana

There are many programmes that teach young people many things and help improve our knowledge.  However, by watching violent programmes, young people try to imitate these violent behaviours.                                                                                                           João Pedro

TV has many disadvantages because many times we stop having conversations with our family to watch television. Another big problem is advertising, which makes people buy things that they don’t need.                                                                                                                               Júlio
TV has advantages and disadvantages, but for me the biggest part are advantages.       Carlos

There is a lot of misleading advertising on TV. There are programmes that do not tell the truth and fake people.                                                                                        Ana Catarina, Ana Vilas Boas
Children and teenagers can become addicted to television and then they do not want to study. Another disadvantage is that we can watch things that are inappropriate for our age.    Jorge

We can watch TV but not for a long time and we should help other people who have difficulties.                                                                                                                                       Denis

8 May 2013


Hello 9th grade students of Camilo Castelo Branco and Júlio Brandão!

Are you prepared for The "ENGLISH GEOCACHING"? 

It is coming soon... On the 16th may  - 9.30 a.m to 1.00 p.m.

  • Your English teacher will let you know more detais about this competition......

3 May 2013

Grammar Time

Our younger students are always asking for interactive gramar exercises so that they can practise their grammar.

Bellow you can find a list of diferente possibilities. Try them

  Future simple  (will+infinituive)

 If clauses- type 1


Prepositions of place

Relative pronouns

Past continuous

While or when  ?

23 Apr 2013

More poems on the environment

  Recycle papeR,
               PlastiC and glass!
                   TrY to save the Earth!
               ReduCe, reuse and recycle!
                The Environment!
Ana Catarina
                             We must Rescue our animals
                              Like the Elephant and
                             The wild Cat.
     In Portugal there are less Young people than older people.
                      And we must Change this.
                   To save the worLd, we should reduce,             
                          reuse and rEcycle.
                               We aRe children of the world.
                       We can’t End this world.
               We must proteCt it!
    In the world there are Young and old people.
                               We Choose the world!
                           Let’s cLean
                                  thE world.
               Recycle and save the world!
           WE must recycle
 To proteCt the world!
        RecYcling is to help.
         ResCue our animals
   And heaL their lives!
Jorge Sá
                 Energy and help the world!
        RetraCt consumption!
         Use Yellow, green and blue containers.
   End this Crisis!
             WE must protect our world.
João Francisco

                                          Recycling is to separate the trash.
                                Recycled matErials are used separately.
                                                   ReCycling helps the environment.
                                                 RecYcling is the process of transforming materials
The selection of materials for reCycling follows a system of colours.
      Recycling is to reuse materiaLs.
                Recycling is the term gEnerally used to describe the reuse of materials.

Rafael Rodrigues

22 Apr 2013

Hello, dear students!

Are you prepared to finish your school year successfully?
Web hope so. Meanwhile, let´s study a bit more.
How much vocabulary do you know regarding " The world of work?"

Here are some links you can use for that purpose:


21 Apr 2013

Earth Day

We asked our younger students to write some poems of their own about the environment and about recycling. They had to use the letters of the word- RECYCLE.

                         Is thE best thing
                        You Can do.
                  All Your friends
                       Can do the same   
 And we will alL
                  LivE better      
                              Ana Miguel
                           The woRld is

                        our naturE.

          We need to proteCt it.

                With creativitY and


   The animals are the kEy for success.

Sara Sofia

      We must have Respect
                   For the Environment.
 Make the best deCisions
                          We Can make
                               a Lot of things
             To build a bEtter world.     

                     Your life can be in danger
                     Change our world
                  GLobal warming is dangerous
                SciEntists can’t work alone, they need your help.

                    Recycling is
                  vEry important
    To proteCt our world.
                    You can do it by yourself!
                    Choose the best way,
                HeLp the planet
  And choosE a better life.
Miguel and Júlio

                                               The thRee R’s are important
                                                      I Consider that most people
                     Pollute and, in this waY, we won’t go far.
                        Don’t forget to reduCe, reuse
                                          and recycle, 
                                    and to help mE protect the world!
                   Do something for us!
Sara João

       PRotect our environment
  By rEcycling bottles and
   RecYcling is life
And living is Caring for the
        and the Environment.

                          Save youR world!

                                     ThE world belongs to everyone!

It is very important to reCycle.

                                     SaY no to global warming!

              Make a differenCe!

                            Live welL!

                 Do not leave bEhind this cause!

                                      Rescue our world!
It’s very important to rEcycle.
     Make the best choiCes!
                                 Sano to global warming.
                           ProduCts can be reused.
                                     Live a healthy life.
            Because it protEcts the planet.

                                  Rescue our animals
          And agriculturE.

                   Recycle Cardbox, plastic and glass.

                           RecYling is important

                    For our Climate.
                                  Live a healthy life.
                           The Environment needs you.
Ana João