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24 May 2013

Some opinions on TV

Our younger students wrote about TV.

Opinions on TV
Watching TV is essential in our days so that we can be updated and learn new things. By watching TV we can know the news and what happens around the world and around us.  We can also watch TV for entertainment and fun.                                                          Sara João                   

Television is a powerful teaching tool, but it also has many disadvantages. Young people have become desensitized to violence in real life because they have become used to watch it in movies or in the news.                                                                                                              Eva

TV is a new technology which allows us to relax for moments. It is very useful to know many things about the world.  However, many people think that TV is horrible and doesn’t teach anything.                                                                                                                                 Mariana

There are many programmes that teach young people many things and help improve our knowledge.  However, by watching violent programmes, young people try to imitate these violent behaviours.                                                                                                           João Pedro

TV has many disadvantages because many times we stop having conversations with our family to watch television. Another big problem is advertising, which makes people buy things that they don’t need.                                                                                                                               Júlio
TV has advantages and disadvantages, but for me the biggest part are advantages.       Carlos

There is a lot of misleading advertising on TV. There are programmes that do not tell the truth and fake people.                                                                                        Ana Catarina, Ana Vilas Boas
Children and teenagers can become addicted to television and then they do not want to study. Another disadvantage is that we can watch things that are inappropriate for our age.    Jorge

We can watch TV but not for a long time and we should help other people who have difficulties.                                                                                                                                       Denis

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